Neil MacMaster

Neil MacMaster neil-macmaster-200-wideis a Honorary Reader at the University of East Anglia. His main research interest is in late French colonialism and the Algerian War of Independence.

Some publications

Inside the FLN: The Paris Massacre and the French Intelligence Service (2013),

Burning the Veil. The Algerian War and the “emancipation” of Muslim women, 1954-62 (Manchester: Manchester University Press 2009).

[with Jim House], Paris 1961. Algerians, State Terror, and Memory (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2006/pbk edition 2009). [French edition, Paris 1961. Les Algériens, la terreur d’État et la mémoire (Paris: Tallandier, 2008)].

‘The Algerian Café-Hotel, Hub of the Nationalist Underground, Paris 1926-1962’, French Politics, Culture and Society, 34:2 (2016), 57-77.

‘The Roots of Insurrection: the role of the Algerian village assembly (djemâa) in peasant resistance, 1863-1962’, in Comparative Studies in Society and History (April 2013).