These are the Publications as a result of the Network and Workshops

Anderson, David M. and Daniel Branch. “Allies at the end of empire: loyalists, nationalists and the Cold War, 1945-76.” International History Review 39, i (2017): in press.

Anderson, David M. “Making the loyalist bargain: surrender, amnesty, and impunity in Kenya’s decolonization, 1952-63.” International History Review 39, i (2017): in press.

E. Blanchard, A. Lauro, M. Bloembergen (eds), Policing in Colonial Empires. Cases, Connections, Boundaries (ca. 1850–1970), Bruxelles, Peter Lang, 2017.

David M Anderson Journal of Eastern African Studies has just produced a Tenth Anniversary Virtual Issue, which includes my article on Wagalla. Remembering Wagalla: state violence in northern Kenya, 1962–1991

David M Anderson & Julianne Weis, ‘The prosecution of rape in wartime: evidence from Kenya’s Mau Mau rebellion, 1952-60,’ Law & History Review 36, ii (2018), advance release:

Dr Emily Bridger ’Soweto’s Female Comrades: Gender, Youth and Violence in South Africa’s Township Uprisings,’