Exeter Workshop Programme

Leverhulme Trust network:

Understanding Insurgencies: Resonances from the Colonial Past

University of Exeter Research Workshop

Venue: Strategy & Security Institute, Knightley Building, University of Exeter main campus.

Day one: Thursday, 15 September

9.45-10.15: Coffee

10.15-10.30: Welcome: Martin Thomas and Gareth Curless (network coordinators)

10.30-11.45: Keynote lecture

Patricia Owens, University of Sussex. ‘When War is Oikonomia by Other Means.’

11.45-12.00: Coffee

12.00-13.30: Panel One

David Anderson, University of Warwick. ‘The Loyalist Bargain.’

Bart Luttikuis, KITLV., Leiden, ‘‘“Modern” or “colonial” violence in the occupation of Jambi and Rengat (1948/49)? The Indonesian decolonization war between two eras’.

13.30-14.30: Lunch

14.30-16.00: Panel Two

Jonathan Krause, Oxford University, ‘Insurgency in South-East Asia: 1885 -1975′.

Miles Larmer, Oxford University. ‘Legacies of Colonial Insurgency: the Katangese Gendarmes in Angola, 1965-1997’.

Gajendra Singh, University of Exeter, ‘The Madness of Jodh Singh: Constructing the Deviancy of the Transnational Insurgent in California, 1917-1918.’

Day two: Friday, 16 September

8.30-9.00: Coffee

9.00-10.30: Panel One

Gemma Clark, University of Exeter.  ‘A comparative study of incendiarism: Fire as revolution and repression’.

Gareth Curless, University of Exeter. ‘Militias, Vigilantes and Violent Decolonisation in Guyana, c. 1960-1966.’

10.30-10.45: Coffee

10.45-12.15: Panel Two

Martin Thomas, University of Exeter. ‘Insurgencies and War to Peace Transitions’.

Miguel Bandeira Jeronimo, Centre for Social Studies, University of Coimbra, Portugal. ‘The development of late colonial security in the Portuguese colonial empire’.

12.15-13.15: Working lunch to discuss plans for network.

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