Workshop Programme Paris 15-16 December, 2016

Day one: Thursday, 15 December: Centre Malher, room 409
9.30-10.00: Coffee

10.00-10.15: Welcome: Emmanuel Blanchard & Martin Thomas (workshop coordinators)

Session 1: 10.15-11.15

Boyd van Dijk, EUI, ‘The Geneva Conventions of 1949: the imperial origins of humanitarian law.’

11.15-11.30: Coffee

Session 2: 11.30 – 12.45
Huw Bennett, Cardiff University, ‘British psychological warfare and propaganda in the Middle East, 1956-67.’

Peter Jackson, University of Glasgow, ‘Intelligence, Counter-insurgency, and anti-communism in France between the Wars.’

12.45-14.15: Lunch

Session 3: 14.15-16.00, Centre Mahler, Room 106 (Basement level)
Stacey Hynd, University of Exeter, ‘‘Children and Colonial Counter-Insurgencies: Creating Child Soldiers in Law and Policy’

Neil MacMaster, University of East Anglia, ‘Assassination in the Algerian War: reflections on Stathis Kalyvas’ The Logic of Violence in Civil War’

Nedjib Sidi Moussa, CESSP, ‘Legitimating Violence for a Legitimate Cause: Maquis, Urban Terror and Executions in the Algerian Revolution.’
Day two: Friday, 16 December: Sorbonne Maison de la recherche

Matthew Hughes, Brunel University, ‘Law and the Permanent Emergency State in Mandate Palestine’.

Christopher Goscha, Université de Québec, Montréal, ‘The Economic Targets of Insurgent Sovereignty during the Indochina War (1945-54): Trade, Taxes, and Currency. ’

Emily Bridger, Exeter University, ‘Young women and political violence in Apartheid Soweto’.
13.00-: Working lunch to discuss plans and next workshop in Oxford, 16-17 March 2017.

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